SHADYGROVE – The new single “Three Times Bad and Three Times Good”

Folk-celtic band SHADYGROVE has just released a brand new single:
“Three Times Bad and Three Times Good”!

Featuring members from ElvenkingEvenoire, and Sound Storm, Italy’s SHADYGROVE journey into our primordial and mythological past for inspiration. 
The new song is inspired by a fairy tale from a small town in the North of Italy.
The band comments “We love magic tales and love to tell them when they are real. Water fairies can be seen when the Sun goes down, and you always have to  respect them. If someday you’ll forget the rule your fairy will vanish into a  neverending curse.’Three Times Bad and Three Times Good‘ are the laws of the enchanted wood, and we like to say that are also the rules of life.
If you do something bad in your life, this will happen three times on you, the same if you do something good.

The single can be watched on YouTube at the following link
And streamed on Spotify

Theirs is an acoustic heaviness that is truly original and special. It’s as though, like the myths and legends that inspire them, SHADYGROVE have always been with us, just waiting for us to look with our hearts rather than our eyes. SHADYGROVE make music as fresh as tomorrow’s dawn.

Lisy Stefanoni – Vocals, Flute
Fabio “Lethien” Polo – Violin
Matteo Antoni – Guitar 
Elena Crolle – Keyboards
Davide Papa – Bass
Simone Morettin – Drums, Ethnic Percussions

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