BØRGE OLSEN – New album out now

Norwegian fusion guitarist Børge Olsen finally releases his first solo album “Ultimate Fingers”.

Join Børge Olsen on a musical journey through music you’ve never heard before, via prog, rock and fusion with screaming guitars and ultra fast runs. Børge has a strong left hand technique and he always avoids tapping. Where other guitarists have to use both hands for tapping, he manages to do the same with only one hand. Børge is known for his extreme self-developed legato technique, and a super fast and precise picking technique. His style and music is jazz fusion/rock, mixed with prog and metal.

“Ultimate Fingers” was released in February 2019 and is Børge Olsen’s first solo album. Børge also plays other instruments, such as bass guitar and his custom synth guitar, and plays all the instruments on the record.

Currently Børge is working in the studio with his next album, which is scheduled to be released by Fresh Tea in 2020. This will be a full band project.

Listen to “Ultimate Fingers”

1. Killer Romantic
2. Horror Burger
3. Brilliant
4. Mystic Weather
5. Smal Flying Lumps
6. Ultimate Fingers
7. Undis
8. The Lost
9. Stabeist
10. The Slide
11. The Traveller

Børge is a guitarist from Bærum, right outside Oslo in Norway. He discovered the guitar at a young age and started early to play. For a number of years he played in various bands at clubs all over Norway. His first bands were called Gjettum Singers, Silver Heals and Fever, but it did not take long before he was touring and playing all over Norway with the band Aladdin in the late 70’s. At that time Børge also went to Bærum Music School and Baratt Due Institute of Music, and is forever grateful for his guitar teachers Dag Bremnes and Odd Arne Jacobsen.

At the beginning of the 1980’s Børge played with many musicians and bands like Savanna and Fire Halte Høns, who recorded several demo tapes of their own material in Børge’s basement. Some of these tapes were sent to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, which resulted in a scholarship to partly finance the school in 1984/85. In Boston he also worked as a studio musician.

In 1986 he was back home in Norway working as a session musician and he had a band called 7 Night Sound, and later Flekken Band, that was the house band of Musikkflekken in Sandvika. 

In the 80’s Børge used to play in clubs all over Norway and Pål Thowsen discovered him at Smuget. Pål wanted him to play on his record “Thowsen / Endresen – Life Goes On”. He also played on several other records and a little later Børge’s professional career began for real, with bands like Just Married Band and Brother Luie.

In 1990 he traveled to LA with the band Cocktails & Dreams, and toured in both California and Kansas. I USA he also played in the band Junk Public, and he recorded guitars on albums with Chris Squire from Yes and Michael Roger Rogers. He was in LA several times and worked at Andrae Crouch’s studio, with the artists Alex and Al Dangerfield.

Later in the 1990’s Børge started playing with the jazz band Enigmatize, and he played at several festivals such as Kongsberg Jazz Festival and Notodden Blues Festival.  I 1991 Just Married Band went to London to record the album “Live at Abbey Road” in Abbey Road Studios. 

In the early 2000’s he had his own band Børge Olzen, with Joeri Hommerson on bass and Geir inge Ravn Hansen on drums. In 2006 they change the band name to X3. From 2016 to 2018 he played in Olsen Electrix with Geir Inge Ravn Hansen, Frode Berg and Bjørn Enoksen.

Børge Olsen has appeared on more than 20 albums, along with several well-known artists such as Airto Moreira (Weather Report), Chris Squire (Yes), Michael Roger Rogers, Pål Thowsen (Terje Rypdal), Tor Endresen, Ken Rice, Svend Undseth, Rune Edvardsen, Alex and Al Dangerfield. He is also known for bands like Olsen Electrix, Neon Jazz, Enigmatize, Just Married Band, OSV, X3, Cocktails & Dreams, BeatBag, Fire Halte Høns and Aladdin Band.

In 2019 the time has finally come for his first solo album, and recently Børge released the record with the appropriate name “Ultimate Fingers”


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