CONSECRATION sign to Solitude Productions and unveil their new doom/death masterpiece, Fragilium

Following in the wake of their monolithic career retrospective collection, Remembrance, Consecration have returned once more from the cold silence. They bring with them an album of towering, decaying grandeur and soul-rending sorrow that will transport you to dark and empty places; desolate places, that lie in shadow and loneliness at the end of solitary paths, beneath twilight skies studded with pitiless stars. They bring with them Fragilium…the last word in doom, death and despondency…

Since they first hit the pages of the metal press in 2010 with the release of their visceral Gut The Priest EP, Consecration’s reputation has been growing; word of their intoxicating dark magic and spirit crushing power spreading through the metal underground. Now, all the whispered promises have been fulfilled, all the expectations of inescapable doom realised with dread inevitability. Fragilium possesses a rare and aching atmosphere that stands beyond simple words. Songs like ‘In Darkened Slumber’ slowly and gently open up your chest, before drowning your shaking heart in a torrent of freezing blackness. They will lead you past the point of no return and abandon you to the hungry shadows.

Now under the dark, iridescent wing of Solitude Productions, Consecration are poised to pour their sweet poison into the ears of the world. On June 28th Fragilium will bring black clouds to your summer skies and cast shadows across your soul. You are cordially invited to the place where the path ends and eternal night begins…

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