Decibel Mag Premiere Montreal Mathy Metallic Hardcore GORLVSH Blast Debut Single/Video “Wait For Me”

L-R: Noah Baxter (Drums), Nick Boucher (Bass), Isaac Ruder (Vox) – Photo Credit: Alexis Martin

GORLVSH (pronounced Gore-Lush) is a power trio hailing from Montreal, Canada and they are eager to bring their bizarre, mathy, metallic hardcore music to ears everywhere. With a full-length album in the works, they introduce their first single ‘Wait For Me’ with the premiere of its music video on Decibel Magazine.

In the raw and gritty video, we are introduced to the unique and creative hardcore that is influenced by Converge, DFA1979, and Lightning Bolt. GORLVSH shares their thoughts on the upcoming album entitled “New City Vibe”:

“We’ve upped our production game a lot, but focused primarily on what makes our sound unique, finding riffs that work for our blend of multiple bass amps, octave pedals, and a ton of distortion and fx. We really aim to sound as good and professional as possible, despite our DIY ethos and $0 recording budget.”

To further explain the first single ‘Wait For Me’GORLVSH had this to say:

“It’s our attempt to rip off NAILS and be heavy AF, this is also the song where we finally nailed down the tone we wanted from the unconventional bass rig”

GORLVSH is definitely giving listeners something new with their music, it’s heavy, it’s sludgy and it’s energetic, suited for anyone looking for something completely different.

‘Wait For Me’ can be watched and heard at the following link:

For more info:

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