BARADJ – Watch the video for “Hunnar” (folk post-metal from Russia)

Russian folk post-metallers Baradj have published a video for the track “Hunnar”, which is the title-track of the band’s new and third full-length. 

You can watch the video for “Hunnar” at this location: 

The band comments: We chose a place far from cities and civilization to show the natural beauty of Bulgar land, virgin place once imprinted by the foot of Hunnic nomad, Bulgar warrior and other significant nations. The very place smells of unsullied flowers, endless fields, pure air and some living things. You would probably want to see a Hunnic battle in our video, but it won’t be there. You will see the most precious thing the Huns praised – nature and freedom. Nature is the very place where human beings came from, and they shouldn’t leave it. Our planet is the Noah’s Ark of different nations, animals and plants. It is our home.”

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