YELLOW EYES stream ‘Rare Field Ceiling’

New York black metal band YELLOW EYES have streamed their highly anticipated full-length album, Rare Field Ceiling today, ahead of the Friday, June 28 release date. The album is streaming in full at Metal Injection alongside a deep-dive interview. The extensive interview that took place with writer Cody Davis, takes us on a meaningful and personal journey with YELLOW EYES founders, Will and Sam Skarstad where they discuss the creation of Rare Field Ceiling, the brothers’ extensive travels, their musicality, and more. Rare Field Ceiling is available on LP/CD/Digital via Gilead Media on June 28. Pre-orders are available now.


Rare Field Ceiling is the fifth full length album from YELLOW EYES; laden with jarring juxtapositions and paradoxes the six track album is a masterclass in modern American black metal.

As has become customary, the album was recorded by the band themselves – in accordance with the band’s belief that limitations of skill or technology can nourish a singular voice. The introspective nature of the band, and their self sufficiency has played a part in defining their sound. In the cryptic, labyrinthine tradition of Ved Buens Ende, Fleurety, and early Blut Aus Nord, YELLOW EYES play black metal, uncompromising and unbound. Rare Field Ceiling is the latest statement in an increasingly significant and singular legacy.

It is the coldest YELLOW EYES record to date, and it is also the warmest. It is the most inviting, the most alienating, the murkiest and the sharpest, always falling apart and yet held together by a dawning sense that within the thicket is a vision of majestic clarity. But as Rare Field Ceiling climbs and climbs, majesty becomes delusion and clarity becomes mania. YELLOW EYES have always held failure up to the light and found patterns in the glow, but here they trace a doomed arc and, with unnerving focus, follow it to the very end.

Rare Field Ceiling track list

1. Warmth Trance Reversal
2. No Dust
3. Light Delusion Curtain
4. Nutrient Painting
5. Rare Field Ceiling
6. Maritime Flare

YELLOW EYES was formed in 2010 by brothers Will and Sam Skarstad in the woods of northwestern Connecticut, where they continue to write and record. With 8 releases, YELLOW EYES have honed their distinctive style: off-balance, highly narrative songs that swing wildly between fanfare and dirge.

Guitar, vocals: W. Skarstad
Guitar, production: S. Skarstad
Bass: A. DeMaria
Drums: M. Rekevics

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