Relentless Groove Awaits With Halifax’s ELEKTRIC MISSTRESS’ ‘Turn To Grey’

The first step can only be taken when the last toke has been drawn and ELEKTRIC MISTRESS is ready to unveil their single ‘Turn To Grey’ off their upcoming debut self-titled EP due out on July 19th. Channeling the energy of inspirations such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd the stoner rock quintet from Halifax, Canada is all about the groove.

ELEKTRIC MISTRESS is face punching psychedelic rock firmly rooted in what has come before, and also looking ahead, their single ‘Turn To Grey’ is described as ‘smoke rings in a blizzard’. They go on to tell listeners what to expect from the track: 

“Perhaps the most “progressive” song on the recording, it starts the EP with an ominous psyche drone, and builds from mellow trippiness to full on smoke rings in a goddamn blizzard.” 

Each track on the EP has a unique sound and showcases their varied influences and songwriting abilities with riffing low guitar/bass chug fused with B3/Rhodes/Synth sounds, the EP tries to recapture the retro rock sound of the 70s with a modern tinge and stands as a tribute to the band’s early influences. 

Listen to ‘Turn To Grey’ 

Track Listing:
1. Turn To Grey – 8:36
2. Cuba Time – 3:45
3. Meeting of The Minds – 4:06
EP Length: 16:28

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