MEMOIRS OF PROTAGONIST offers something different with their new single!

Memoirs of Protagonist is dark melodic metal band with nordic influence combined with rap articulation. Band is based in Helsinki Finland. Idea of melodic beautiful and massive leadsounds meeting the slam/brutal metal side, is something the band members have kept in their mind during their other band projects.
Joakim Lindholm and Niko Aromaa are also founding members of finnish satanic extreme metal band Dark Archive. Joakim also plays guitar in death metal band Neurosurgery and Niko has melodic metal band Progeny of Sun

Joakim comments: 
“Doing vocals with rap articulation is something we didn’t first concider, but during the test period of vocals it became an stong contender to all other ideas. Even we have always been metal musicians and listeners, we both have had weak spot for rap musics intense delivery of fealings and message. Idea was to make “dark” atmosphere texts within the metal frames and rap gave us the chance to speak more about the topics than the more traditional way of expression.

I love melodies but in Dark Archive there is not so much room for those like in AmorphisSwallow the Sun etc. Those are the bands that were on our mind when we started to create this band. 
We still wanted to do something, that is not just another melodic death metal album. We wanted to add some different elements, so we tested many things that would be the “thing” that will define this band in the future.
We both were quite surprised what the result is. There is rap vocals, there is brutal changes that does not fit in the song if thinking straight. In the future there is going to be more and more rap vocals, rhythm breakdowns with fast rapping, but never forgetting the melodic metal side. In future the vocals and music will be more attacking and turning even more sacred stones that atleast rap music haven’t deal with.
Hope you will like this one, it’s totally something out of our comfort zone. So listen and enjoy the video!”

Watch As Above, So Below video here: 

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