THE CRAWLING Release New Music Video Through ESP Guitars

Presented by ESP Guitars, Irish metallers The Crawling have released a playthrough video their track “A Time for Broken Things” from their 2018 album Wolves and the Hideous White.  Guitarist Andy Clarke presents the song on his ESP Eclipse.  He says of his favorite axe,

“I’ve been playing guitar for over 25 years, and have owned many, but nothing compares to my ESP Eclipse.  Growing up, all of my favourite guitarists were playing ESP: Jeff Hanneman, Max Cavalera, and of course James Hetfield.  I’ve always wanted one, but only recently made the shift, and now it’s the first guitar I put my hand to.  The ESP Eclipse is a fantastic instrument.  It looks amazing, plays beautifully, has smooth action, and paired with EMG pick-ups it sounds phenomenal for high gain death/doom metal.  I have used it on all The Crawling studio sessions to date and will continue to do so. I also own an LTD TE-200 which accompanies me to all live shows as a reliable back up. ESP is the driving force behind our music.” 

The featured song is inspired by the troubles people share on social media.  Clarke explained,
“A Time For Broken Things” is a track I wrote late at night having read about some sad news via social media.  A lot of people see social media as a “highlight reel,” a collection of amazing and beautiful events that only happen to other people — but it is accompanied by a darker trend that doesn’t receive the same attention, or only target the lucky few.  All I continue to see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are a collection of negative thoughts, great losses, emotional struggles, pain, and difficulties in life. The more I scrolled, the more of the same appeared.  This trend led to the title, and the lyrics followed; a cursory look into the sickness of inadequacy infecting everyone.”

Watch the video here:

About The Crawling
Formed in the winter of 2014 against the bleak concrete backdrop of Lisburn city, Northern Ireland; The Crawling use a guttural vocal to combine melancholy with weight, churning out a heavy, doom/death ensemble.

January 2015 saw the single “Choking On Concrete,” which put the band on the scene, followed in October by the highly successful EP In Light of Dark Days. April 2017 the debut album Anatomy Of Loss was released via Grindscene Records, accompanied by five music videos; it received excellent reviews worldwide and was streamed exclusively by Metal Hammer UK.  

2018 was the year for the sophomore release, Wolves and the Hideous Whitefeaturing six brand new tracks. The album reflects upon the human desire to belong, the sacrifices made to be part of someone, disillusion from loss of self, and the final inability to escape.
The Crawling have established their live performance with support from a loyal fan base; most notably appearing at Inferno Metal Festival (Norway), Bloodstock Open Air (UK), Seige of Limerick (IRE), Metal Days (SLO), Shellshockfest (Malta), Uprising (UK), Incinerationfest (UK), Mammothfest (UK) and Full

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