Brazilian horde SUGGILLATION releases debut full length “Revenge of the Monarch, the Kingdoom Cult” under Iron Blood & Death Corp. label

Artwork and designer by: Icaro Alencar de Freitas
Genre: Old School Satanic Death Metal
Country: Brazil
Iron Blood & Death Corp.
Release date: 01.07.2019

In the midst of plagues, chaos and every form of misfortune, in November 2014, behold, the disease encode in the form of SUGGILLATION! With a chaotic, pestilent and total devotion to Old School Death Metal, the intention is to vomit the bestial wrath in order to rescue the cult of death.

SUGGILLATION has gone from the very beginning of its creation by a simple change in its formation: the drummer Otávio left the band after recording the infamous EP “Necro Suggillation Tantric Spawn” (2016), much acclaimed by the public headbanger, with good critics. Thus, who took the position of drummer was the already experienced, Johnny Carlos, whose member had been through several bands of extreme style.

Rafael JL Teles, guitarist, has gone through many bands since the golden age, more precisely since 1998 he is in the active leading to blasphemy with his damn guitar riffs.
Anderson Echeverria, Vomits and Bass, elevates the cult of Extreme Metal since 1997, also with passages in several Death Metal bands in search of infamous pizzicatos and demonic vomits.

SUGGILLATION has as inspiration and influence the most putrid and disgraceful bands of the world scene like Angelcorpse, Immolation, Incantation, Bolt Thrower, Suffocation, Death, Sinister, Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Disincarnate, Brutality …

Currently the band Suggillation works on the completion of its full-length debut entitled “Revenge of the Monarch, the Kingdoom Cult.” Soon, more news about this long-awaited release by the most pestilent souls of the national and world underground scene.

Line up:

Anderson Echeverria: Vomiting and Bass

Rafael JL Teles: Guitars
Johnny Carlos: Drums

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