IN COLD BLOOD (ex Integrity, Mushroomhead) announce new album “Legion Of Angels” and reveal first track “No More Lies” on

“Tony Iommi took all of the good riffs an eternity ago, so all that we have left is to work hard on trying to make songs that have sharp turns.”Blaze Tishko guitarist for In Cold Blood is downplaying the band’s legitimacy quite a bit but he does have a point.  Two decades after releasing their debut full-length and re-emerging at uneven integrals over the years, In Cold Blood are primal but complex.

Featuring musicians who helped to define the holy-terror hardcore sound synonymous with Cleveland In Cold Blood take the fluid thrash-metal guitar heroics of Kerry King, the dark tones of groups like Samhain and ram-rod it down with the relentless brutality of crusty hardcore.  Some other acts that they have served in includes Integrity, One Life Crew, Ringworm and Mushroomhead groups known for doing ugly music beautifully.

Re-grouping over the last several years to put down this album Tishko said “some of these riffs were first written twenty years before we recorded them so it’s hard to pin-point the exact influences on the album but you can imagine it’s a conglomeration of Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Mercyful Fate, Carnivore, Entombed and a million more.”

Also notable within that lineage is that “Legion Of Angels”, the forthcoming album was one of the last albums to be recorded in the infamous Mars Studio with Bill Korecky.  Speaking on the relevance of that location Tishko said “Mars was to Cleveland metal and hardcore what Morrisound Studios was to Tampa death metal.  Bill was an expert at pulling out of you what you didn’t realize was there and if he didn’t like your performance he was known to throw bands out.  So the pressure was always on.”

Head over to to check out their brand new track “No more lies”:
In Cold Blood will be on tour around the album’s release and LP/CD are now available for pre-order via Fast Break! Records (link below).  For the vinyl collector there will be special limited colors available exclusively for the U.S. and for Europe (link below) 

Pre-order vinyl/CD here:
Pre-order teaser:

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