FREIGHTER stream new album “The Den” via Metal Injection

Thrashy math metal band FREIGHTER are streaming the entirety of their new album The Denover at Metal Injection. The album will be released tomorrow.

Listen to the album in full here:

Freighter is a technical progressive metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Founders and lifelong friends Travis Andrews (guitar / vocals) and Jason Braatz (bass) partner with drummer Matt Guggemos to form a power trio that pulls from many varied disciplines and truly stands as a unique voice in modern metal.

After meeting as children while their moms were at Jazzercise, Andrews and Braatz grew up together in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin and were playing in each other’s bands as soon as they could hold guitars. While on tour in 2005, they started writing the songs that would become Freighter’s 2008 self-titled debut album.

Andrews and Braatz reunited in San Francisco five years later and began putting together Freighter’s next act, which begins with the July 2019 release of their second album The Den. On this offering, Freighter has created music that’s engaging for metalheads and nonmetalheads alike. Brutal, complex riffs and powerful vocals weave inside drums that explode with color and life. By eschewing a click track and maintaining continuous unedited drum takes, The Den places a priority on the humanity of the material, giving the production a warmth and bounce that is immediately captivating to all sorts of listeners. Ever-shifting time signatures, metric modulations, and microtonality are juxtaposed with deep grooves and progressive harmonies to lend a sense of unpredictability and unreliability, owing to the album’s thematic focus on the endless struggle with sleep — and the downstream effects of not getting enough of it.

Says Andrews regarding the album:
“The Den is a reclusive (sometimes flamboyant), intuitive (not intellectual), folk art (not fine art). It was designed to be pure fantasy or fiction about sleep and misremembering. There is some OCD about organizing dreams, cataloguing human interactions, and exploring fantasy prone personalities — essentially mental illness in music.”

The Den will be released in vinyl and digital formats on July 12, 2019. Preorder here:

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