Horror Pain Gore Death Productions set to release Split album between INVIDIOSUS and LPP on August 9

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are set to release the new explosive split album from Minnesota’s Deathgrinding maniacs INVIDIOSUS and Korea’s Hardcore/Grind/Power Violence act LPP, August 9th on CD and Digital formats. 

INVIDIOSUS make their return to HPGD with four new vicious tracks of anxiety-driven Death/Grind that destroy, with a lineup featuring members of Deterioration and Rottenness. LPP (Little Puppy Princess / LxPxPx) hail from Korea and make their HPGD debut with five tracks of anti-scum Hardcore/Grind/Power Violence madness that annihilates the mind. A showdown of tuff riffs, blastbeats and gurgles!

Listen to the track “Marcodose” by INVIDIOSUS at

Listen to the track “Human Prohibited” by LPP at

1. INVIDIOSUS – Star Spangled Banner (Intro)
2. INVIDIOSUS – Mescal-Induced Psychotic Break
3. INVIDIOSUS – Water Intoxication
4. INVIDIOSUS – Fencing Position
5. INVIDIOSUS – Macrodose
6. INVIDIOSUS – Star Spangled Banner (Outro)
7. LPP – When The Mountain In Burning
8. LPP – Mogwa
9. LPP – Animal Teeth
10. LPP – Human Prohibited
11. LPP – LxPxAx

For fans of Brutal Truth, Cannibal Corpse, Cephalic Carnage, Decapitated, Decrepit Birth, Insidious Decrepancy, Necrophagist, Origin, Phobia, Pig Destroyer, Spawn Of Possession, Splattered and Suffocation.

Pre-order info:
CD and digital download:
Invidiosus – Macrodose T-Shirt
LPP – Logo T-Shirt

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