Enigmatic death/doom metal band ESOGENESI reveal album details

This is a beautiful little death/doom album that offers so much more than you would initially think. A lot of thought has been put into it and is executed to perfection. Please spare a few minutes to check out their music. It might just win you over. The first song is streaming here on Bandcamp and YouTube

Esogenesi (Italy) – Self-titled (October 4th, 2019)

Genre – Death/Doom Metal
Release Date – October 4th, 2019
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Hex, Paradise Lost, Altar of Betelgeuze, Dusk, My Dying Bride, Evoken, Illimitable Dolor

Death/doom metal band Esogenesi have concocted a sublime blend that harnesses the power of death metal with the poignancy of doom metal, backed with an able, organic yet powerful sound that the band can call it their own. Even though this is only their debut, the quartet have outdone themselves in creating music with unfathomable depth and emotional poise. The five songs plod along with subtle but effective changes in mood, tempo and groove, and it often becomes imperative to revisit them to catch the brilliant nuances ensconced in the rumbling death metal-spiked parts. This is as good a debut as any to come out in the genre and it only solidifies the band’s place in the increasing death/doom roster of Transcending Obscurity.

Band lineup – 
Jacopo Marinelli – Vocals 
Davide Roccato – Guitars 
Carlo Campanelli – Bass 
Michele Adami – Drums 

Cover art by Korvo 
Internal layout and graphics by Luca Brusa 

Track listing – 
1. Abominio 
2. Decadimento Astrale 
3. …Oltregenesi… 
4. Esilio Nell’Extramondo 
5. Incarnazione Della Conoscenza

Official Bandcamp
Transcending Obscurity Site
Transcending Obscurity US Store
Transcending Obscurity Europe Store
Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel
Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook
Esogenesi Facebook

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