HellgardeN – Learned to Play Dirty [Official Video]

The band is known for a visceral energy and powerful live performances mixing that with 80’s and 90’s metal scene influence.
Formed in 2015 (under a diferent name). The members Caick Gabriel (Guitars) and Matheus Barreiros (Drums) have been playing together since they were 11, 12 years old, later joinning forces with another friend of the local scene Diego Pascuci (Vocals) in 2015. This was the beginning of what would become HellgardeN later in 2017. 

Diego says: ‘’I always liked these guys playing, they stood out among the musicians in the city and did a very good job, I knew they needed a vocalist and I sent Caick a message saying that I wanted to join them to do some jams. I’ve always wanted to create a metal band here in our city, and that was always a difficulty because the scene in our city was never strong. When we got together it was incredibly fucking and in the process of composition we grew a lot and the connection today only increases and becomes more solid.’’
Guilherme Biondo (Bass Guitars) joined the band after a lot of drinking and talking  about music and heavy metal stuff in 2017.

Guilherme  says: ‘’I had already seen shows of the band and I liked their attitude on stage and since I was already without a band some time I joined the family, and for a fucking awesome start my first gig with the Band was to open for Krisiun‘’

In 2017, 2018 the band made a lot of live performances in Brazil playing in important festivals, alongside big names of Worldwide metal scene such as: Krisiun, Claustrofobia, Project46 and more. While composing the album in parallel.

Caick says: ‘’We put the songs we have been writing during rehearsal in our live shows and the audience reaction was killer and after that we broughted their energy with us back to the recording studio.’’

In late 2018, HellgardeN travels to state of Rio de Janeiro in Petrópolis city to record their first album, “Making Noise, Living Fast”, at the ForestLab Studios with the producer Lisciel Franco. This album was recorded straight to Tape. The band spit all their energy into each song of that recording becoming the first album ‘’Making Noise, Living Fast’’.
In 2019 the band returns to the stage before even releasing their first album, participating in a big festival in their city and sharing the stage with Aquiles Priester and Clawn (a great local death metal band).

Matheus says: “Always a pleasure to play for the audience, especially when it’s about our own songs that depict our reality. The answer from the crowd has been incredible. To each headbanger that joins to HellgardeN we’re sure to going in the right direction.‘’

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