CRAWLER sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions; “Womb” set for release on August 9

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Crust/Grind/Doom/Black Metal punks CRAWLER to the roster with the debut album Womb!

Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, CRAWLER play heavy music that has elements of Crust, Grindcore, Doom, Black Metal and Punk, with a line up consisting of scene veterans from the bands A Warm Gun, Plaguewielder, Bruised Ego, Maloso, Dawntreader, Diablero, Hobis, Asthma Castle, Musket Hawk, Passage Between, Mind As Prison and The Squints. Womb is an uncompromising vision in terror… intense, memorable and completely crushing!

Listen to the track “The Burning Trees” at


1. The Burning Trees
2. Cold Moldy Bones
3. The Fortunes Of Fools
4. Vile Breath
5. The Conclusion

Womb was recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations (Full Of Hell, Outer Heaven, Noisem) and mastered by James Plotkin (Isis, Thou, Electric Wizard). For fans of All Pigs Must Die, Bethlehem, Brutal Truth, Converge, Cult Leader, Dystopia, Full Of Hell, Gaza, Nails, His Hero Is Gone, Neurosis, Pig Destroyer, Pg. 99, Primitive Man, Sumac and Today Is The Day

Pre-order info:
CD and digital

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