We welcome to the family Melodic Prog Death Metal veterans MORBID DEATH!

We are proud to welcome to our big family, the portuguese Prog Melodic Death Metal veterans Morbid Death!

During many years, their sound differed from song to song, turning a difficult task to label a metal genre and never knowing how the next song would sound like. Actually, and due to the influences of their new members, Morbid Death sounds more into Prog Melodic Death Metal. That is what turns Morbid Death as an unique metal band.

In words of the band:
“The band is currently living a great moment with great ideas, vibes, motivation and great plans for the upcoming future. Describing this joy, isn’t easy. Despite being so called veterans, we humbly know that there’s much work ahead and this amazing alliance with Art Gates Records, enlarges the bands horizon. We truly believe in their professionalism, know-how. Their guidance will be very helpful in taking our Prog
Melodic Death Metal to a new plateau and new audiences. So, thank you so much AGR for finding us!!! Thanks for believing in us (Ricardo, Rafael and Luís) and also in our fans! Lets do this!”

With two demo tapes, three studio albums, one EP, one Live DVD and three official videos released, 2019 marks the start of Morbid Death‘s worldwide career relaunch and proudly becomes part of the AGR family. With this alliance, the band will release their new album in the beginning of 2020, the year of Morbid Death’s 30th anniversary.

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