No Clean Singing premieres gorgeous track of Spanish death metallers ETERNAL STORM

Few bands are doing justice to this kind of atmospheric, melody-tinged death metal and Eternal Storm from Spain are definitely one among them. The initial response has been astounding and No Clean Singing was the first to premiere a fresh track from their debut full length HERE.

“the musical representation of an extravagant tapestry, both coarse and velveteen in its texture, revealing scenes both elegant and harrowing, in which the rich embroidery creates changing shades of light and dark, interwoven with strands of gold that catch the eye with their gleam”

- "one of the essential Atmospheric Death albums of 2019" - Metal Temple (Greece)

- "a candidate for a top ten album of 2019" - Metal Bulletin (US)

- "the musical representation of an extravagant tapestry" - 
No Clean Singing (US)

- "monumental" - Head-banger Reviews (US)

- "a great record" - Dargedik (Peru)

- "emotionally-generous" - Dissecting the Euphony (Malaysia) 

Eternal Storm (Spain) – ‘Come The Tide’ (August 23rd, 2019)

Genre – Death Metal
Release Date – August 23rd, 2019
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – De Profundis, Opeth, Insomnium, Imperialist, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Officium Triste, Saturnus, Katatonia

Spanish death metal band Eternal Storm have created a mesmerizing album full of elegant riffs and soul-piercing melodies. After releasing a very well received EP and a split release, they’ve come up with their debut full length which sets new standards for bands playing in this style. Everything is immaculately executed, right from the artwork to the production, ensuring that their much awaited release doesn’t leave anything to be desired. The music is breathtaking and takes influences from several styles to create a sound that is at once emotive and striking. Most bands lean excessively towards either side but Eternal Storm exemplify the perfect balance of melody and heaviness in death metal music. Nothing on the album is forced but flows naturally, almost intuitively, and transports you to a tumultuous place where you take in the beauty as well as the wrath – a place akin to the one featured on the album cover.

Band lineup – 
Mateo Novati – Drums, additional vocals (growls)
Daniel Maganto – Guitars, additional vocals (growls), keyboard composition
Kheryon – Bass, lead vocals
Jaime Torres – Guitars, additional vocals (clean/growls), keyboard composition

Guest appearances –
Javier Fernández (NexusseisThe Heretic) – Keyboards, synthesizers & programming
Migueloud Ontivero (Wormed) – Additional vocals (The Strand)
Christopher Baque-Wildman (DejadeathAsgaroth) | Additional vocals (Immersion)
Manuel Mendoza (Distryto 13La Banda Del Soplo) – Saxophone (Immersion)
Ben C. Read (In Dread ResponseBridge Burner, ex-Ulcerate) – Additional vocals (Detachment)
Fredrik Huldtgren (CanopyKaos Vortex) – Additional vocals (The Scarlet Lake)
Fiar (Foscor) – Additional vocals (Embracing Waves)

Artwork and layout by Leoncio Harmr 

Track listing – 
1. Perpetua 
2. Halo of Flies 
3. In the Arms of Armageddon 
4. Blood for the Blood God 
5. Abyssal Mausoleum 
6. Magnetic Fields Collapse 
7. Kraken Arise 
8. Unfurling Wings of Damnation 
9. Swords 
10. Damnati

Official Bandcamp
Transcending Obscurity Site
Transcending Obscurity US Store
Transcending Obscurity Europe Store
Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel
Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook
Eternal Storm Facebook

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