ABYSMAL LORD set release date for new HELLS HEADBANGERS album, reveal first track – touring next month

Hells Headbangers sets August 16th as the international release date for Abysmal Lord‘s highly anticipated second album, Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

It’s been four long years since Abysmal Lord‘s cult debut album for Hells HeadbangersDisciples of the Inferno. In that time, the bestial metal resurgence has hit maximum occupancy, and each new pretender to the throne sadly waters down the atavistic power the subgenre once held, neutering the cruel ‘n’ caustic counterpoint bestial metal offers to the increasingly safe “black metal” scene. Also during that time, while Abysmal Lord have only delivered one scant recording – a split 7″ with equally stout bestial comrades Crurifragium, released last year via Hells Headbangers – the Louisiana natives haven’t sat idly by, taking to many a stage across the United States and unleashing their war command upon more and newer audiences.

Now, when “bestial metal” is arguably on life support, do Abysmal Lord return with their filthiest ‘n’ foulest creation, Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal. Not once betraying their original aims, so rudely and righteously portrayed across their Storms of Unholy Black Mass debut EP in 2014, Abysmal Lord simply stick to what they do best – utilizing the classic bestial metal schematic of OTT explosion and forward propulsion and then malforming it into morbid, miasmic shapes, always angular and antagonizing at every crooked turn – and deliver it with a fury and conviction that’s startling to behold. While no great changes have been made to that iron-clad aesthetic, if anything, Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal explodes with (and amazingly maintains) an urgency that somehow manages to revitalize the bestial metal idiom whilst following it to the rotten, black/white/red letter. And that’s to say nothing of the absolutely unhinged and frankly bonkers guitar soloing on display here; Abysmal Lord are truly exploring the most depraved depths of black/death.

A statement from the band reads: “The Abomination is born once again. Hail AntiMother, from whose foul loins drips the pestilence of mankind’s ruin. Come fiends and witches, Races of Jehovah’s Despair. Witness the pomp and fanfare of the victory procession and lose your soul in the Exaltation. Another pact is made over desecrated graves and rusted steel.”

The throne is corrupt; there steps forward Abysmal Lord, to assume their rightful place. Behold their Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal and tremble before unspeakable doom. And the US shall tremble soon, as Abysmal Lord have a grip of tour dates next month (dates after the jump). In the meantime, hear the new track “Scythe of Damnation” HERE at Hells Headbangers‘ Bandcamp, where the album can be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Abysmal Lord’s Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal
1. The Exalted Killing (intro)
2. Monolith of Vengeance
3. Races of Jehovah’s Despair
4. Scythe of Damnation
5. Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal
6. Holy Incest
7. Preparing the Throne
8. Nuclear Absolution
9. Scars of Heresy
10. Scourge of Christ

upcoming ABYSMAL LORD tour dates
August 9 – Atlanta, GA @ 529
August 10 – Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s
August 11 – Lexington, KY @ Al’s Bar
August 12 – St. Louis, MO @ Sinkhole
August 13 – Chicago, IL @ Livewire
August 14 – Detroit, MI @ Outer Limits
August 15 – Toronto, ON @ The Grand Gerrard
August 16 – Ottawa, ON @ Cafe Dekcuf
August 17 – Montreal, QC @ Brasserie Beaubien
August 18 – Providence, RI @ Dusk
August 19 – Somerville, MA @ Once Lounge
August 20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Lucky 13
August 21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Century
August 22 – Montclair, NJ @ Meatlocker
August 23 – Silver Spring, MD @ Amy Tex Mex Bar & Grill
August 24 – Richmond, VA @ Wonderland

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