Longtime US Death Metal act EXTERMINACE issue new EP/ CD with unreleased material from 1992 via Last World Records

You can stream a never before released track recorded in 1992 via the Last World Records website or off the Last World Records bandcamp page now.

Exterminance says the 2 unreleased tracks releasing were recorded live at Hit & Run Studios Rockville, MD direct to DAT tape in 1992. The band was unhappy with the result and never released it. These were long forgotten and accidentally un-earthed from a cassette tape found in an old shed and now they are available via bandcamp or Digipak CD. with the 1991 “Environmental Executuion” 4 track demo tape and a rare compilation track from “Midnight Offerings” Cd released by King Fowley’s (Deceased) old label With Your Teeth Records. This new edition will be released on August 2nd, 2019.

1 – Excursion Into Butchery *Never released before song
2 – Damnation Mortified *Never released before version
3 – Premature Ruination *Rare Compilation Track
4 – Battlefield Of Political Violence * 1991 Demo track
5 – Rapid Contagion * 1991 Demo Track
6 – Bludgeoned * 1991 Demo Track
7 – Soul Crypt * 1991 Demo Track

Exterminance will be doing select shows and releasing New material for 2020.


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