KAAMOS WARRIORS released a single with melodic roughness and dark atmosphere!

Finnish metal band Kaamos Warriors releases the first single Ruined by Plague from their second album Shadows Of Northern Chaos. The single will be released July 25th .2019 by Inverse Records. Shadows Of Northern Chaos album will be released in the end of year 2019.

“The single “Ruined by Plaque” is the fourth track from the album, it is not the fastest one but represents the melodic roughness and dark atmosphere of the album.” –Jani / Kaamos Warriors

Originally Kaamos Warriors was a two member band formed by Mikko Ojala (Dark The Suns) and Jani Moilanen (R2JBros) but now the band has a third member Jyri Moilanen who will handle bass on upcoming album.   

Listen to  Ruined by Plague:
Apple Music: 

Mikko Ojala (vocals & guitars)
Jani Moilanen (guitars, acoustic guitars, solo guitars)Jyri Moilanen (bass)

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