E-L-R sign with Prophecy – debut album Mænad on September 27th

Swiss trio E-L-R and Prophecy have joined forces!

On their 2018 demo In Splendour & Sedation, bassist I.R. and guitarist S.M., both of whom are singing, and drummer M.K. cultivated an atmospheric, heavy and heady mixture of post rock with doom that sounded both familiar and fresh. E-L-R also already caused quite a stir on tour with Amenra.

As individuals, they are deeply rooted in their environment; as a group, they share a shamanist quality and acute spiritual awareness with Austrians Our Survival Depends On Us or Finnish folkists Hexvessel. According to I.R., their “music is very visceral. We want the listener to delve into our sphere and become entranced in order to feel our energy.”

The first common project of our collaboration with E-L-R is titled “Mænad” and offers – apart from guest appearances by Ryanne van Dorst (Dool) and Colin van Eeckhout (Amenra) – panoramic post doom for your inner cinema: a tale in different stages wherein emotions are constantly shifting like landscapes in passing. “It’s mainly our own interpretation of texts and poems, combined with things we lived through ourselves,” explains I.R., “often describing sceneries and events or feelings.” Summing up their sound, she speaks of “hypnotic rhythms suspended in a haze of eternal reverberation.”

Listen to what that means – here is album opener ‘Glancing Limbs’ …

Mænad is out on September 27th, 2019, as Digipak CD, LP (black and limited golden vinyl) and cassette tape. E-L-R will be on tour throughout Europe from October to December.


    Glancing Limbs  8:48
    Devotee  5:43
    Above The Mountains There Is Light  10:11
    Ambrosia  6:17
    Lunar Nights  7:40
    The Wild Shore  8:44

E-L-R European tour autumn/winter 2019
* with Amenra & Ylva
** with  Hundred Year Old Man

30.09.2019 Le Grillen, Colmar, FR
04.10.2019 Up in Smoke, Z7,Pratteln, CH
19.10.2019 Bergmal Festival, Dynamo, Zürich, CH

03.11.2019 Jubez, Karlsruhe, GER*
04.11.2019 Z-Bau, Nuremburg, GER*
05.11.2019 Rockhouse, Salzburg, AT*
06.11.2019 A38, Budapest, HU*
07.11.2019 Mixtape5, Sofia, BU*
08.11.2019 Quantic Club, Bucharest, RO*
09.11.2019 Form Space, Cluj-Napoca, RO*
10.11.2019 Collosseum, Kosice, SK*
11.11.2019 Fleda, Brno, CZ*
12.11.2019 MMC, Bratislava, SK*
13.11.2019 Zaklete Rewiry, Wroclaw, PL*
14.11.2019 Progresja, Warsaw, PL*
15.11.2019 Brugge, Minsk, BY*
16.11.2019 Melna Piektdiena,Riga, LV*
17.11.2019 Tapper, Talliinn, EE*
18.11.2019 Aaniwalli, Helsinki, FI*
20.11.2019 Fryhuset Klubben, Stockholm, SE*
21.11.2019 Stengade, Copenhagen, DK*
22.11.2019 Kulttempel,Oberhausen, GER*

05.12.2019 Record Junkie, Sheffield, UK**
06.12.2019 Firebug, Leicester, UK**
07.12.2019 Nambucca, London, UK**
08.12.2019 Rebellion, Manchester, UK**

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