PERDIZIONE + HAXEN Split To See Release Via Eternal Death Records

PERDIZIONE and HAXEN have united to release a six-track split of blackened filth via Eternal Death Records.
PERDIZIONE (Italian for “perdition”) is the anonymous black metal project of one Diavolo Odioso. All lyrics and song titles are delivered in Italian. Title translations like “La Lussuria del Traditore” (“Betrayer Lust”) and “Cieli del Zolfo” (“Sulfur Skies”) are just a hint at the bleakness that aboundsPERDIZIONE‘s compositions. PERDIZIONE‘s union with HAXEN follows a 2017 split with Nihtglóm.
For over a decade, HAXEN has remained virtually unknown outside the Providence, Rhode Island metal underground. Beginning as a solo project at the turn of the century, HAXEN later became a longstanding duo producing various demo recordings yet remaining in the shadows for several more years. HAXEN began performing live as a full band in 2008. 2011 saw a newly assembled lineup that has remained the same to this day. Their self-titled debut, released in 2016 on Eternal Death Records, was HAXEN‘s first major statement of what they are capable of delivering. The three tracks occupying thus split with the mysterious PERDIZIONE takes listeners through a vast landscape of dark and haunting black metal. Always raw and minimalistic, HAXEN deliver both aggression and atmosphere with inexorable authority.
The PERDIZIONE/HAXEN split will be released on September 6th on limited cassette and digital formats.
For preorders and to sample PERDIZIONE‘s “Luce e Vento” visit the Eternal Death Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.
PERDIZIONE HAXEN Split Track Listing:
1. La Lussuria del Traditore (PERDIZIONE)        
2. Cieli del Zolfo (PERDIZIONE)
3. Luce e Vento (PERDIZIONE)
4. Medula Envenenada (HAXEN)           
5. Tempestades (HAXEN)         
6. Acor (HAXEN)

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