DEADSPACE – Australian Black Metallers To Release New Album on Aug 15. New Video Released

Perth, Australia kings of depressive black metal, Deadspace will release their fourth album The Grand Disillusionment on August 15

Pre order available now

Watch the video for As Time Moves Backwards now!

After touring their last record “Dirge” throughout Europe and Japan, Deadspace re-emerge with their fourth full length “The Grand Disillusionment” which will be released on August 15

Full of seething hatred, billowing despair and unnerving landscape, this record showcases the bands most hard hitting, focussed and direct statement to date. 

With more riffs, unrelenting songs and a further departure from that atmospheric element that has become ever so popular in modern black metal, Deadspace separate themselves from the normative collective and bring their sound closer to its roots, finally creating something that makes the band feel as sick as the fans.

For those of you that have seen Deadspace live you will know first-hand that this band shows no hesitation in making boldly dark statements.

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