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Hi Christian, this is Zsuzsanna Muszka from Kronos Mortus metal magazine! It’s good to talk to you!

Ah, nice! (laughs)

Within some days you’re going to release your first album, Welcome to Paradise with your new band Northtale. Where did the idea of creating this band came from?

It was me and Bill discussing and we decided that we wanted to make an album that if were 40 we would have get our mind blown. We also wanted to write and record an album that when we’re old we can listen to and be proud of. About basically the idea for the band.

And you even created a poll on facebook to decide the band’s name… So cool! Whose idea it was?

(laughs) Actually it was my idea cause we couldn’t come up with shit. Apparently we sucked with names. We were talking things back and forth. We surrendered and we said ’okay, let’s make a contest and see what happens’ but we didn’t expect the response that we got, cause we didn’t think we had even a fanbase but we received 1500 possible suggestions! (laughs) So that was like ’okay, now it’s even worse! Now we instead of taking right one name, now we have to choose in between 1500 names! (laughs) But it went well.

What was the main goal when you guys created this album? As I know you wanted to salute to the musical era of 90’s…

I mean, basically we wanted an album that we love. We didn’t actually care, we didn’t think at all what the people like. We said ’What do we like?’ We wanted to sound like this. We wanted to write like that. That’s why the album is quite diverse in many ways. We put together an album with songs we wanted to hear and now we can only hope that people want to hear that as well. (laughs)

I’m sure about that! Let’s talk a bit about Welcome to Paradise. At the first glace, there’s a little contradiction the album title, especially the word Paradise and the frosted landscape of the album cover art. Why did you choose right this cover idea?

Because we think that it fits the band. And if you look at the album cover, it’s ice and snow and definitely look not like a paradise. But it can be a paradise. It just depends on whom’s paradise. And what is paradise to you and what is paradise to us. We wanted to create something like paradise can be something good and can be something bad to some people. We wanted to people play around with that, I mean, if I ask you, what is your paradise? Probably completely different from my paradise.

Yes, definitely. That’s a good idea! How was the album writing process, musically and lyrically?

It was, most of it me and Bill wrote. We were sending ideas back and forth to each other. I had some songs that I’ve written before and he had some songs and we put them together and then we wrote new songs as well. We actually had one writing session when me, Bill and Michael in my home in Stockholm changed our ideas. As a result, there is one song ended up in the album but basically it’s me and Bill who wrote that.

I’m sure the new album will gain the people’s heart. What are your expectations about the album reception?

Oh, that’s almost impossible to answer. I mean, I’m very happy with the album. If it fails and noone else like, I don’t care, I like it! (laughs) And of course I hope that people will like it cause it’s a very honest album. All the themes and the topics are real and very personal so of course all I can do is hoping now.

I see. In August you’ll appear on Sabaton Open Air and you’ll have some shows then in Japan. It’s a really strong start indeed! What are your plans for the future?

(laughs) Yeah, it is a very strong start and we are aware of that. It’s kind a unique to go as a new band do these kind of shows and now we’re like negotiating for the future. We have nothing official yet. Only those three shows but of course we are hoping that we can get out on the road as soon as possible.

I understand. As for the shows: how do you feel as a singer when you’re standing on the stage, in front of the crowd? What does it feel like?

Ah, it’s almost like a drug. I’m not a fan of drugs but it’s almost like I can imagine like that drugs work. I feel like Superman on stage, there is nothing I can’t do. (laughs) It’s always you don’t know what to expect if you play in one country one day and then go to another country. You never know how the crowd is on the react. You have to work that in many different ways which is also very cool. If they hate you, it’s not so cool but never happened so far and I hope it never will happen! (laughs)

Thank you, Christian for the conversation! I hope one day I’ll have the chance to see you live at one of your shows, maybe in Hungary!

Yeah, I’ll love to come to Hungary and especially Budapest!

Yes, that’s a beautiful city!

Do you live there?

No, I’m living in the countryside.

Okay, cool!

I wish you all the best and thank you for the nice talking again! Have a nice evening! Bye!

Thank you so much, have a nice evening too! Bye-bye!


The interview was taken with Christian Eriksson on 22.07.2019.

Contributed by: Zsuzsanna Muszka

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