MetalInsider Premiere Heavy Metallers SILVER TALON’s Tension Filled ‘Cold Embrace’ Video Playthrough

With their name, SILVER TALON invokes an image of weaponized spirits and fate and from the remnants of Portland’s Spellcaster, they rose to bring their take on dark and aggressive power metal to the nation and beyond. With fantasy, sci-fi, and horror being the main themes of the recent EP, SILVER TALON are premiering their dual vocal and guitar playthrough video for their track ‘Cold Embrace’ here.

‘Cold Embrace’ comes from the 2018 EP “Becoming A Demon”, where SILVER TALON started to shed their NWOTHM sound and embrace something more progressive and heavy. Trying to bridge the old with the new, they etch their way into more modern territory. ‘Cold Embrace’ is filled with tension, borrowing from Bach’s Prelude in D, which is further intertwined with their own riffs and outfitted with original vocal melodies. The band emphasizes the slow development of the song:

“Wyatt’s vocal delivery on the chorus is some of his best work to date. If listeners can invest their time and attention into a song that doesn’t deliver a climax within the first 60 seconds, and sort of just experience the song, then I think we’ll have them hooked. It’s sort of like a John Carpenter slow burn kind of thing.” 

This brand of progressive shredding power metal is suitable for all power metal fans especially those with an affinity for Savatage, Sanctuary, and Nevermore.
SILVER TALON‘s EP “Becoming A Demon” is available on BandcampSpotifyApple Music, and all other major online retailers.

Track Listing:
1. Breath of Kerosene (Intro) 01:35
2. Devil Machine 04:43
3. Silver Talon 04:51
4. Speed of the Night 05:21
5. Cold Embrace 05:47
6. Warriors’ End 03:29
7. Battle Angels (SANCTUARY – feat. Jeff Loomis) 04:11
8. Outro (Estudio) 01:11
Album Length: 31:11

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