New Jersey Blackened Thrashers ANTICOSM Release Official Video for “Call of the Void”

New Jersey Blackened Thrashers ANTICOSM have released the official video for “Call of the Void,” a track from the band’s forthcoming album The Call of the Void. The video was directed by Gabriel Francis at Backroom Studios and can be viewed at

ANTICOSM will release The Call of the Void through their own label, Hell Kill Destroy Records. on August 16. You can pre-order the album at:

The Call of the Void features founding members Kirill Kovalevsky (vocals), Mark Siedlecki II (lead and rhythm guitars) and Beheader (drums), along with bassist Tom Wilson. New guitarist Keith Romanski joined the fold shortly after the album was recorded.

The album was recorded and mixed by Brendan Smith at Brady Street Recordings in Waldwick, New Jersey and produced by ANTICOSM and Brendan Smith, with mastering by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio. Artwork and design by Metastazis, a graphic design studio out of Paris, France, formed and led by Valnoir (MORBID ANGEL, WATAIN, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER).

The band previously released a lyric video for album track “Somewhere Between Life and Death.” Check it out at this location.

ANTICOSM have made their previous three recordings available for fans to download free (support via donation is appreciated) at

“It’s a mixture of intensity and calmness. They create the perfect balance to give you something that sounds so good. This band is ruthless.”
– Metal Temple

“A clever combination that Anticosm have clearly mastered, The Call of the Void is something that will appeal to fans of thrash, classic metal and black.” (9/10)
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“A record that’s heavy as hell and has a lot of sticky moments that pop up and destroy you. This album’s a bruiser, and it’s also an insane amount of fun.”
– Meat Mead Metal

“The whole is surmounted by a stygian vocal performance from Kirill Kovalevsky, a man definitely in the blackthrash major league and capable of giving the likes of Ben Falgoust a run for their money. I’ve no hesitation in recommending this ripping noise to you all!”
– Sentinel Daily

“Dynamic, ever evolving, melodic, passionate and draped in atmosphere yet miles from what could be termed traditional, both in rhythm and vocal departments. This is thrash (bordering on death) and shrouded in traditional heavy metal values with a decidedly darker approach and it works. Guaranteed to set the senses on fire.”
– Cult Metal Flix

Approaching each genre differently and bravely by mixing elements into one style, pretty much creates a unique sound, which isn’t an easy job, but the credit goes to these talented musicians. Well done!” (4/5)
– The Independent Voice

“A blistering record that can be heavy without exhausting the listener.”
– Glacially Musical

 “Fire-breathing ferocity and demented delirium.”
– No Clean Singing

 “The band has sharpened its delivery a lot from the early of days of alcoholism-glorifying metal. Nowadays the music is rather skilled, with some melody, while still containing some black metal elements.”
– Metal Bulletin Zine

“Should appeal to fans of Skeletonwitch.”
– Metal Trenches

“Anticosm gives us a good album: entertaining, varied, well produced, suitable for everyone.”
– Dargedik Rock Metal Zine

The roots of ANTICOSM dig deep into the underground metal scene of New Jersey. It all began with Kirill Kovalevsky (vocals), Mark Siedlecki (guitar) and Beheader (drums) releasing their first set of songs titled Alcoholic Darkness in 2007. Since then, the band pushed out three more releases, Against the Cosmos (2009), The Wreckoning EP (2011), and Anticosm (2015) while signed to Born of Chaos Records, and has toured the U.S. twice. Fusing Black Metal with the traditional Heavy Metal drive was the aim, Black Thrash n Roll was the result.
ANTICOSM is no longer with Born of Chaos Records and has since went through several line-up changes. The three founding members remain, with the additions of Tom Wilson on bass and Keith Romanski on guitar. New life springs new ideas, cultivated by the group, forged and polished into The Call of the Void, a new full-length album ANTICOSM will release in the summer of 2019. Changing the mold while staying true to the fundamentals ANTICOSM is determined to progress above the noise and beyond the howling void.

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