TEMPLE OV PERVERSION set release date for CLAVIS SECRETORVM debut EP, reveal first track

Clavis Secretorvm sets October 18th as the international release date for Temple ov Perversion‘s  striking self-titled debut EP on 12″ vinyl format.

Hailing from Switzerland, Temple ov Perversion are a young band with old souls. The band’s first demo, Rehearsal MMXVII, was a rough ‘n’ ready display of their ancient, witching metal, suggesting salacious glories to come. Alas, they have arrived with Temple Ov Perversion, a veritable bounty of black filth, lust, and sleaze. Despite its release in the year 2019, one could mistake Temple ov Perversion‘s true opening salvo as some long-lost relic of the early ’90s, announced on fliers that a release was forthcoming on Deathlike Silence Productions; cult names invoked include Hadez, Imperator, Mortem, and Hungary’s Tormentor. Four songs in 20 minutes, each as stout and swaggering as the next, and what you altogether get is a loose ‘n’ lawless expurse of sonic sodomy that’s immediately headbanging and evil as fuck: no scenes, no rules, NO LIGHT! Temple ov Perversion play black metal in the old vein exclusively!

In the meantime, hear the new track “Arrival ov the Horns” HERE at Clavis Secretorvm‘s Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Temple ov Perversion’s Temple of Perversion
1. Intro
2. Arrival Ov The Horns
3. Forever Night
4. Temple Ov Perversion


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