NoCleanSinging Premiere TRIPLEMURDER’s ‘Crawl’; Debut EP ‘Pre-Meditated’ Out Sept 20th

L-R: Zachary Le May -Drums, Erich Mueller – Bass, Mike Eron – Vocals, Maxwell Fortin-Proulx – Guitar
Photo Credit: Jessy Dwyer @ Beyond The Pit

Ottawa’s TripleMurder are sharing with fans their second single ‘Crawl’ ft. Eric Forgetfrom A Scar For The Wicked. The song comes from the band’s forthcoming debut EP “Pre-Meditated” slated for release on September 20th, 2019 and is a flurry of blood, guts, and breakdowns.

TripleMurder is a band with a lot to offer their listeners, everything from chunky groovy riffs, blast beats, to breakdowns and two-steps and everything in between they refuse to be set into one specific genre and consistently break rules over the course of their 6 song EP. They see their EP as a wake-up call, which they explain further: 

“We believe that it should be received as a wake-up call to the metal industry that you don’t have to confine yourself to a certain subgenre of metal to write heavy tunes. It’s all about having fun and showing off everybody’s musical tastes in the band.”

With the single, TripleMurder is looking to send their listeners into a state of awe, and be content with hearing a wide variety of elements, and techniques that keep the music creative and unique. Metal fans of all kinds, from death metal to core fans will appreciate this effort from TripleMurder.

‘Crawl’ is being premiered exclusively via here.

The band adds:

“‘Crawl’ is about the complacent follower realizing the tyranny and injustice that’s going on with the ones in power. In turn, the puppet of society becomes the puppeteer.”Music Video – ‘Cannibalistic’ here

EP Pre-order on Bandcamp and

Track Listing:
1. Boogeyman (4:03)
2. Eyes Of Judgement (3:52)
3. Sacrifice (3:23)
4. Crawl ft. Eric Forget (A Scar For The Wicked) (3:31)
5. Ready To Bleed (4:41)
6. Cannibalistic (4:24)
EP Length: 23:57

For More Info:

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