PureGrainAudio Premiere One-Man Prog Band SURFACE OF THE SUN’s New Single ‘The Silence’

Devon Eggers and his solo project SURFACE OF THE SUN have announced a new single ‘The Silence’ taken from the upcoming album “Panacea”, which will be released on September 6, 2019.

Since his first recording in 2011. Eggers has worked hard to make a more polished, detailed, and refined second effort and the result, “Panacea” definitely brings that aspiration alive with more elaborate song arrangements that still have the SURFACE OF THE SUN feel. 

The EP consists of four songs, each providing a unique element and feel to the release. They all have their own character, but are complementary to each other. Eggers outlines the details in the single ‘The Silence’

“This is the first song to change from the more standard 4/4 time signature into my favourite, a five-count. The energy of this song moves up and down throughout until culminating at the end for an epic outro driven by Chris’s incredible drumming. The heavy riffs in the song are contrasted at times by softer vocals and multiple Asian instruments.”

All vocals and music are written, performed and recorded by Devon Eggers except for the drums, which were performed and composed by Chris Warunki (Omnisight).

Heavy, creative and catchy, SURFACE OF THE SUN is appealing for all fans of progressive metal, especially those with an interest in Tool, Karnivool, and Chevelle.

Listen to ‘The Silence’ via its exclusive premiere on PureGrainaudio.comat the following link here.

Track Listing:
1. The Science Says (5:03)
2. Oblivion (5:22)
3. The Silence (6:16)
4. Panacea (8:52)
EP Length: 25:34

For more info:
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