THE KRYPTIK set release date for new PURITY THROUGH FIRE album, reveal first track

Purity ThroughFire sets October 31st as the international release date for The Kryptik‘s highly anticipated second album, When the Shadows Rise, on CD, vinyl LP, and limited A5 digipack formats.

“Symphonic black metal” may be a dirty word to some still, but back in simpler, more idealistic times, that appellation bore delicious fruit, and many long-cherished classics of the black metal canon have upheld that banner; more specifically, once upon a time, it was simply BLACK METAL. The Kryptik bear witness to this fact, and since their formation in 2013, the Brazilian duo have dependably practiced their mystical arts with no outside influence from the nowadays “black metal” scene; only the most ancient flame burns within their hearts.

While The Kryptik‘s first single and demo bore a modest modest iteration of mystical black metal, it was their Through Infinity of Darkness debut album, in 2017, which saw them boldly strike with a decades-past sound that remained remarkably fresh. Purity ThroughFire eventually released vinyl and cassette versions of that album, and is honored to work with The Kryptik again for undoubtedly their grandest work yet: When the Shadows Rise.

Truly titled, When the Shadows Rise is a reinvigoration of the sympho-BM template: neither modernized nor retro-leaning, but rather an unselfconscious rumination on black metal’s most clandestine mysteries, done with grace and grandiosity. Both stripped-bare and densely layered, here The Kryptik‘s attack swarms amidst a maelstrom of medieval majesty and moonlit madness. Tangibly physical without sacrificing the finer nuances of synth layering, When the Shadows Rise indeed rises due to its poignant songwriting, never forgetting cobwebbed melodicism nor cresting dynamics. It’s utterly timeless magick, evoking the visionary works of old Obtained Enslavement, Abigor, and Limbonic Art as well as the more overlooked likes of Nocternity, Stutthof, and later Kataxu.

Like many records under the Purity ThroughFire banner, the past is alive again with The Kryptik‘s When the Shadow Rise! Raise the banners with the new track “Damned” HERE at Purity ThroughFire‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for The Kryptik’s When the Shadows Rise
1. The Awakening of Evil
2. Damned
3. Flames Of Revenge
4. When The Shadows Rise
5. Fall
6. The Last Breath Of Sadness
7. Ungodly


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