DEADTHRONE new album »Premonitions« out now!

Today, Britain’s northern metalcore bruisers DEADTHRONE released their debut record »Premonitions«! A seminal debut highly acclaimed by critics and not to be missed.

Buy and/or stream »Premonitions« here:

“We are pleased to announce our debut album ‘Premonitions’ is now available to stream and purchase worldwide!
 This album has been in its workings longer than the band itself. When we started out we were kids with no real idea of what we were doing, just making noises in a rehearsal studio and dreaming that one day we might get to this point.
Since those first fumbling steps we’ve grown and matured, both as people and musicians, and been through some dark times together. We’ve loved, and lost. Some of us have been through hell, gone right to the brink of what a person can cope with, and somehow come back through it.
Through it all, though, there have been moments of brightness and hope, things that drove us to keep striving individually and as a group. We’ve toured the UK and Europe, making friends across the continent that we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives.
We put our lives on hold to chase this dream, and it’s all been building to this point. These songs are a chronicle of everything we’ve been through, every dark moment of fear and doubt that told us we should quit, and every ray of hope and joy that drove us to keep going, that it would all be worth it. And now it’s here.
This record means a lot to us, and we hope that when you listen to it – for the first time or the hundredth – that it means something to you, too.
Thank you for your continued support.
-Chris, Benj, James & Sam
 We would also like to give thanks to Arising Empire, Mike Bennett, Foxhound Recordings Studios, Zain Zia, Simon Atkinson, Jake Kindred & Matty Daleyy for making our vision a reality.”

Press quotes:
“This full-length builds on that early promise, a breath of fresh air in a genre that often feels oversaturated and stale. Fuelled by the sense of hopelessness wrought from growing up in a post-industrial city with few prospects, Chris Bissette’s lyrics serve as a grave reminder to just how bleak the future can feel. However, the delivery and execution are inspiring, with welltimed breakdowns and choruses full of melody that make the entire record strangely uplifting. The synths and samples used throughout are a somewhat unwelcome distraction from what are otherwise beautiful instrumentals, although they’re only ever a big riff away from being fully immersed back into an atmosphere that, at its best, is wonderfully poignant.” – Angela Davey, KERRANG (UK)

“With brilliant performances from everyone involved and a sound that grabs listeners with ease, I certainly recommend this album for anyone who’s a fan of Hardcore and Metalcore without hesitation.” – Rock’N’Load Mag (UK)

“The Melodic Metalcore quartet comprising Chris Bissette with the unclean vocals, James Bolton with guitars and clean vocals, Sam Clough on second guitar and Benj Speight on drums are getting ready to unleash the dragon with their debut full length album “Premonitions” via Arising Empire. It’s been 3 years since they started out with “This Isn’t Over Yet” and it looks like their hard work has paid off!” – Metal Noise (UK)

“Over the past couple of years, Manchester’s Deadthrone have carved out a cult following with their electronic-leaning style of metalcore. Throwing in breakdowns aplenty, complemented by bold synth work and soaring melodic vocals, the band have a winning formula on their hands. With an EP under their belts and new music on the horizon, the future looks bright for these ambitious upstarts.” – ROCK SOUND 

“I am an ardent Metalhead and all I want to do is run out into the street and scream my head off in support of Premonitions. DEADTHRONE stand up with their contemporaries; they have hijacked the electronic dance movement and like Bring Me the Horizon, they are ready to stamp all over what has gone before. With Premonitions, DEADTHRONE are readying themselves to release something special.” – All About The Rock

More on »Premonitions«:
Listen to the »Premonitions« (OFFICIAL ALBUM STREAM) here:
Watch the video for ‘Revival’ here:
Watch the video for ‘Time Won’t Wait’ here:
Watch the video for ‘Feel’ here:

»Premonitions« tracklist:
04.Time Won’t Wait
05.Wide Awake
07.Hearts In Our Hands
08.Stand Your Ground
12.Seven Years

Hailing from Greater Manchester, DEADTHRONE came together through a mutual love of heavy music.

Formed in early 2016, DEADTHRONE came out of Chris and Benj’s former band that was created after they met at university. Having playing together previously they decided to come together to create a new project in the form of DEADTHRONE, recruiting talented and like-minded local musicians to fill out the ranks. The group’s music is fuelled by the band’s shared background growing up in an industrial city that promises the world but delivers very little to those not already born into privilege.
DEADTHRONE started out on a strong footing with the release of their first single ‘This Isn’t Over Yet’ concreting their position firmly in the UK metal scene. With their audiences growing both online and at live shows, the band began work on their debut EP »To Hell & Back« at Foxhound Studios. The songs on that EP are a snapshot of the lives of the band at the time, dealing with both their struggles in their personal lives and relationships, and the growing issues in the world around them. The EP’s second single ‘Our Legacy’ – their most overtly political song to date – was released through Dreambound and has amassed over 1 millions views on YouTube.

Chris Bissette | Vocals
James Bolton | Guitar & Vocals
Sam Clough | Guitar
Benj Speight | Drums

More info:

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