GOATOWAREX to release lone album of Волчий Источник AKA Wolf’s Source: the only black metal album recorded entirely in prison

On October 6th internationally, Goatowarex is proud to present the lone album of Волчий ИсточникРемиссия духа, on vinyl LP format.

Within the vast landmass of Russia, there is never a shortage of amazing stories… But the one behind Волчий Источник‘s Ремиссия духа is one of the most amazing of modern times.

Alexander Tantsyrev, nicknamed “Dancer,” was serving an eight-year sentence for murder in the Kamyshlov penal colony. During his stay, he started the black metal project Волчий Источник – or Wolf’s Source, in English – and released an album with the title Ремиссия Духа, or “Remission of Spirit.” Allegedly, Ремиссия Духа is the only black metal album that has been fully recorded in the confines of total imprisonment. Similarly, or so the story goes, Tantsyrev had never heard any black metal during his life as a free man; his only exposure to the genre came during his prison years.

After “Dancer” was released from prison, Khnuth was formed with the bones of Волчий Источник. With this project, he released three albums and one split before he killed himself in 2011. Most of Khnuth’s albums are rare as hell and impossible to locate. Волчий Источник‘s Ремиссия духа was released in somewhat wider quantities, but still within the band’s native Russia; thus, much of the Western world had yet to witness this outsider black metal.

Musically, Волчий Источник is torrential black metal tyranny that is not far from Brazil’s Sovereign or his follow countrymen within the Blazebirth Hall cabal. Where Khnuth took a dramatic turn, the music of Волчий Источник is more like the best moments of Abyssic Hate’s classic only album: in other words, depressive black metal filled with unquenchable self-hatred. In yet more words, triumph and sorrow waging chaotic war against each other, rendered in the rawest form possible, but no less robust for its spiraling violence – or simply, black metal forged in the purest flames of darkness and desolation, much as it was crafted in the genre’s ancient days.

Longtime fans since its original release in 2007, Goatowarex is honored to be releasing Волчий Источник‘s Ремиссия духа on vinyl for the first time ever. Submit to its misery, sing its desolate hymns, turn the blade around on thyself: within those psychic ruins stands the lone, ever-austere monument of the Wolf’s Source.

Ordering information can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Волчий Источник’s Ремиссия духа
1. Ремиссия духа
2. Умирающая реальность
3. Забытая память прошлого
4. Марш бесконечности
5. Тень тайна
6. Дорога одиночества
7. Вечный свидетель


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