WRVTH Premiere “Furrows of a Dying Tree” Lyric Video at Decibel; Release New Album “No Rising Sun”

Atmospheric, progressive post metal group WRVTH have released their expansive and heart-wrenchingly emotive final album No Rising Sun today. To coincide with the release they are premiering a lyric video for their song “Furrows of a Dying Tree” at Decibel. 

The passionate 10 track effort sees the group further exploring the blackened, post rock tinged atmospherics that they began exploring in earnest on their self-titled third full length. No Rising Sun was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker) at Atomic Garden Studios in Palo Alto, Ca and serves as a powerful last statement from a band that fearlessly pushed themselves to create music on their own terms. 

Dead Rhetoric said of the album, “There’s something special about how No Rising Sun rages and self-reflects, even within the same song. There’s much to dissect from the actual progressive playing and song structures, but the sheer emotional heft to the album is its greatest strength. This is an album that will resonate far after the last note has ended, much like the legacy that Wrvth should have following the release of No Rising Sun” with Metal Utopia adding in a 10/10 review “Despite their melancholy send-off, I am left with a bittersweet feeling of content. There is no doubt in my mind that this album has landed a spot in my AOTY list, and I will enjoy “No Rising Sun” until my sun ceases to rise.”

WRVTH commented on the release and lyric video, “The whole album lyrically depicts a story of mortality. Whether that be from the point of view of an individual or even from the perspective of a band. Theres a lot of life and death references. “Furrows of A Dying Tree” being the final song on the album, ends on a very ambiguous note. The imagery depicts a haunting, some sort of ghostly presence. Whether that be a literal representation or even a ghost of a thought, the idea that it still exists and will always exist.”

Watch the video HERE 
No Rising Sun is available HERE

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