ARX ATRATA to release their third album of captivating, atmospheric black metal, The Path Untravelled, on October 11th

Three years on from Spiritus In Terra, an album of intoxicating sounds and colours that Terrorizer magazine branded “an absolute delight”, Arx Atrata have returned. The window onto wonder has been flung open once more and we are invited to gaze again upon the ancient cliff tops, the endless sea, the woods at sunset and the shadowed tor. In our world, where our dreams walk in chains, choked in dirt, Arx Atrata offer us a vision of freedom, a glimpse of the path untravelled…

The music of Arx Atrata captures an atmosphere like no other and with new album The Path Untravelled, that atmosphere is more powerful than ever before. You can almost taste the sea salt on the wind, feel the rocks beneath your feet and the sun upon your skin. The torrent of riffs sweeps you up and carries you from one breathtaking vista to another and the threads of melody illuminate a world of hope and possibilities, where your dreams can shake off the shackles of everyday life. Songs like ‘To Be Reborn’ and ‘An Undying Verse’ take the grandeur of epic, atmospheric black metal and imbue it with the intensity and intimacy of personal experience, expanding its horizons to encompass the uplifting, golden light of the first rays of the morning sun as well as the secrets of midnight. Ben Sizer, the man behind the Arx Atrata name, has dug deeper, reached further and dreamed in even more vibrant colours to create something truly special.

The Path Untravelled will be revealed on October 11th, a fire to light our way through the darkness of winter. Follow it, embrace it, allow your dreams to breathe and discover all the sights that lie behind the obscuring clouds of our reality.

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