HORROR GOD – Dissonant Death Metal Unit Launch “Sunset” via Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Cursed Seeds out 9/27 via Lavadome Productions

Moscow-based dissonant death metal unit Horror God is proud to announce the upcoming Friday, September 27th release of their 3rd full-length, Cursed Seeds, via Lavadome Productions. The album will consist of seven tracks and is set to be released on CD format and digitally. Active since 2006, Horror God has carved out an unnerving, brutal, and energetic form of dissonant death metal laced with deadly black metal undercurrents inspired by Deathspell Omega and Aosoth across multiple releases. Cursed Seeds is the follow up to the group’s highly praised 2017 split release, Horror God / Techne, which was released through Lavadome Productions.

While the dissonant death metal scene continues to grow, the group’s capable of delivering something memorable consists of a much smaller slice of the total group’s playing within it. Horror God – Cursed Seeds easily proves itself as a memorable effort that is worth your time. Furthering the band’s explosive approach to nightmarish death metal on Cursed Seeds is a guest solo by Gorguts and Dysrhythmia guitarist Kevin Hufnagel on “They Were Behind the Barbed Wire”.

For metalheads who like their music extreme and original, Horror God – Cursed Seeds will strongly appeal to fans of Gorguts, Deathspell Omega, Ulcerate, Aosoth, Gojira, Sunless, Immolation, Corpse Garden, Wicked Innocence, Purulence, Negativa, Barring Teeth, and Human Remains.

Today the band partnered with Heavy Blog Is Heavy to premiere the album’s second single, “Sunset”.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy comments on today’s premiere of “Sunset”
Cursed Seeds is shaping up to be another strong addition this year’s list of noteworthy death metal releases. The latest album from Horror God fully embraces the genre’s current affinity with dissonance and atmosphere, while also marrying these newer ideals with unmistakably classic roots. Imagine a vicious duel between old and new Gorguts, or Psycroptic and Ulcerate having an Oceania-sized brawl. On their third album, the group sounds completely fresh and invigorated, as exhibited by the record’s second single, “Sunset.”

“On top of this strong musical foundation, Horror God infuse their songwriting with dissonance and atmosphere in perfect measure. The track ebbs and flows with vibrancy and variety, bucking the pitfalls of dissonant death metal bands aiming to be as chaotic and abrasive as possible and ignoring structure and meaningful development in the process. The full product should excite death metal fans of all preferences, as well as any metal looking for a comprehensive approach to measured brutality.”

Pre-orders for Horror God – Cursed Seeds are now live.
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Horror God – Cursed Seeds Track List
1. Cursed Seeds
2. Age of Madness
3. They Were Behind the Barbed Wire
4. We Built These Walls Ourselves
5. Sunset
6. Face of War
7. Throne

Horror God – Cursed Seeds Line-Up
Sergey “Bor” Borisov – guitars, bass
Pavel “Arte” Smirnov – guitars
Max “Shaman” Stepanov – vocals
Lev Kurgansky – drums (Fleshgore, Endocranial, Ezophagothomia, Derogation)

*Guest guitar solo by Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) on “They Were Behind the Barbed Wire”
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HORROR GOD – Dissonant Death Metal Unit Announce 3rd Album, Cursed Seeds, Out Sept. 27th via Lavadome Productions


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