NORTHERN GENOCIDE released their debut album Genesis Vol. 666 along with eponymous music video!

Promo pic by Nino Hynninen

Northern Genocide released their debut album Genesis vol. 666 with a brand new music video for eponymous track from the album. 

WATCH music video here:

Lead guitarist Pyry Pohjanpalo comments the music video:
“This music video is Inspired by the world of hoarding likes and attention in social media. Check it out, like and share!”  Genesis vol.666 is a unique modern metal album which is a blend of various elements from melodic death and industrial metal with dystopian lyrics.

LISTEN TO the album here:
Apple Music:
Order Genesis Vol. 666 CD album:

Album cover by: ​Petri Lampela 

Track List
1. Intro
2. Genesis vol. 666
3. Black Widow
4. Annihilation of the world of spirits
5. Neon Antichrist
6. Ecplise
7. The siren
8. Soul dystopia
9. The avalanche
10. Sintropolis
11. Ikiruoste


Tommi Salonen (vocals)
Pyry Pohjanpalo (lead guitar)
Markku Tuuri (drums)
Jussi Pulliainen (bass)
Rainer Pekkinen (producer)


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