DEATHSWARM deal with FDA RECORDS confirmed

FDA Records is proud to announce the signing of Swedish Death Metal band DEATHSWARM for the release of their 2nd. album in the spring of 2020 via FDA Records.The debut was released a few months ago by the Mexican label Chaos Records and hit the scene like a bomb. Rarely does a band manage to combine catchiness, authenticity and brutality as well as DEATHSWARM. Just imagine a musical bastard from BOLT THROWER’s ‘In Battle There’s No Law’, ‘The Ivth. Crusade’ and DISMEMBER’s ‘Like An Everflowing Stream’ and you will know how DEATHSWARM sound like.Although the band was founded in the summer of 2017, they consist experienced musicians, mostly from the Swedish cult band SARCASM.

What DEATHSWARM say about the signing and upcoming album, singer Heval Bozarslan tells you:

We’re delighted to announce that DEATHSWARM have signed a worldwide deal with the German death metal label FDA Records. The deal is for all the formats as we think It’s the perfect label for this band, we are certain that they will do their best to promote the next album as it will deserve, an album which will make our debut pale in comparison. Too early to reveal any details but the direction of the music will be similar to our first, but much better, heavier and sinister, and of course it’s death metal in its truest form, so you have been warned! The recording will start October/November at HSH Studios, and we hope to have it released in the spring of next year. Cheers!”

☛ Listen to the latest album ‘Shadowlands of Darkness’:


Heval Bozarslan: Vocals
Johan Haag: Guitars
Anders Eriksson: Guitars
Nicklas Gelotte: Bass
Alvaro Svanerö: Drums




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