JX Arket Sign To Antigony Records! New Album “About Existence” Out In October!

Antigony Records is proud to welcome to the family JX Arket! Born in 2016, JX Arket! are a band from Turin (Italy). Their roots perforate the post-hardcore/metal and post-punk sounds from the late 1990s-early 2000s. The band’s music has a distinctive emotional charge and an authentic hardcore attitude, making their sound truly unique. On October 2017 they released their debut album “Meet Me Abroad” and they have shared many stages around Italy and participated in some important festivals on the post-hardcore and metal scene. Furthermore, they have successfully completed an intense tour around the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, promoting the release of their first album.

2019 marks the beginning of an important chapter for JX Arket!, as the band joins the Antigony Records and Antigony Agency roster, through which JX Arket are ready to publish their second work “About Existence”, a concept album which is the result of a conscious personal and artistic maturation, and is entirely focused on the futility of existence. The album will be released on October 11th in digital and physical.

This is what the band had to say: “It’s a real pleasure to join the Antigony family. We’ve always given significant importance to the people at Antigony. In these guys, not only did we see a part of ourselves, but we also found very professional staff. Winter is coming, folks!”.

And about the album: “‘About Existence’ is a flow of anger, love, rejection and acceptance towards the futility of existence. This EP lacerates our certainties, describing man as an extra in an unstable yet perfect balance, constantly moved by the infinite pulsation of the universe. Seven emotional tracks through which the uselessness of our life emerges violently. Our existence is like the hectic dance of a candle flame which is destined to eventually go out. Death is about existence”.

“About Existence” artwork and track listing

01 About Existence
02 Faded Colors
03 Mountains
04 Weeping Willow
05 Void And Pain
06 Counterpoison
07 We Still Exist


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