South American Deathcult REPTILIUM Release Drum Playthrough Video for “Hannu ae Kondras”

South American Deathcult REPTILIUM have released a drum playthrough video for “Hannu ae Kondras,” a track from debut EP Conspiranoic. Featuring drummer Cecrops, the video is available at

REPTILIUM released Conspiranoic on August 2. Stream and/or purchase the EP via

REPTILIUM, also known as “The Reptile Sect” is a death cult originated in the cursedmountain region of South America, with the goal of establishing a portal for their so called “forbidden truth” to come through. As far of now this cult is believed to be led by high string priest Nirah, cryptic skinner Cecrops and attended by abominable hierophants such as the low frequency conjurer Lotan.

The occultist sect has been known to sacrifice its former collaborators in the process of achieving it’s ritualistic ends. Conspiranoic is REPTILIUM’s first sonic transmission medium.

“Absolutely world class!” (9.6/10)
– Lack of Lies

“This is ritualistic horror produced by a unit that exude pure evil. Monstrous.”
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“The EP creates the sensation of listening to a live band and it is truly an odd and amazing quality. Fans of the genre might well find themselves a new band to follow.” (8/10)
– Metal Temple

“Very professional death metal. Brutal sound reproduced through a mechanized groove.”
– Metal Hammer (Portugal)

“Conspiranoic is heavy, plain and simple. It doesn’t stick to one defined pathway to accomplish its mission, giving it a more refreshing feel than one might initially expect. A great introductory EP.”
– Dead Rhetoric

“An impressive and enjoyable first release that sits somewhere between Vulvodynia and Arkhon Infaustus.”
– Indy Metal Vault

 “Flesh tearing brutality. Never to relent and never to skimp out on the chest caving slamming excellence, Reptilium provide you with neck bending metal one track right after the next.”
– Cadaver Garden

“Fans of moshing, grooving and blasting brutality all rolled into one should be the main audience for this music.”
– Metal Bulletin Zine

“Dirty death metal. Hard and fast, blunt and brief.”
– Noizze

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