Finnish prog-alt metal phenomenon SOMEHOW JO released their 2nd single from the upcoming album

Finnish prog-alt metal weirdness SOMEHOW JO has released their 2nd single from their upcoming album and it sounds truly remarkable! The just released single carries the name ‘THE FEAR‘ and it combines progressive and alternative influences of metal music. With this new single the band has come up with an innovative version of making modern metal music. The upcoming ‘TUSK‘ -album is the second release of these Finnish talents and it is released 22nd of November by INVERSE RECORDS.

Listen ‘THE FEAR’ on Spotify:

According to band the new album is more harmonious, mature and especially a truly unique package which does not sound like typical Finnish metal music. Album is recorded, produced and mixed at Deep Noise Studios by Saku Moilanen (Deep Noise Studios, Red Moon Architect, The Hypothesis). The band praises their producer Moilanen and says that he was one of the main characters who brought more firmness and out-of-the-box-ideas for the album.  

“This album almost felt like an impossible project and it sure was a long one! Thanks to Saku and his determination we managed to pull it trough perfectly and found a totally new strength and atmosphere to make our music. This TUSK- album is one of the amazing steps on our path and we are super excited to share it to you all! It is truly an interesting album filled with material which is not typical Finnish music!” – Sakari Karjalainen / guitar

 The album has been mastered at SoundSpiral Audio by Finnish metal mastermind Juho Räihä (Swallow the Sun, Before the Dawn, Gloria Morti). Album pre-sales have already started and with this new release it can be said that the new material of SOMEHOW JO sounds truly promising!

Pre-order the upcoming ‘TUSK’ -album:

Track List
1. Alcoholiday
2. Fear
3. Mad Town
4. 404
5. Heads And Tails
6. And the Oscar goes to
7. Waiting for Midnight
8. Under the Setting Sun
9. 10 000

Album cover by: ​Patrik Nuorteva 

Christian Sauren – vocals, guitar & synths
Sakari Karjalainen – guitar & backing vocals
Eero Aaltonen – vocals & bass
Lassi Peiponen – drums


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