KING SATAN announces the release date of the new album and release new single FUCK YOGA!

Finnish industrial metal / aggrotech act KING SATAN has announced the release date for their second album I WANT YOU TO WORSHIP SATAN and it’s 22nd of November 2019. They also have released second single and music video from the upcoming album called FUCK YOGA.

Check the music video “Fuck Yoga”:

Listen to the single:
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King Aleister Satan comments on the new single:
”Fuck Yoga” (pun intended) is how we you combine industrial metal, hard rock and dance music! And despite its timeless allegory theme-wise it seem to fit to the current zeitgeist as well! Being also the director of the music video, I can say that caricaturized song required of course caricaturized music video, and I wanted to exploit colors the old school way and offer sort of 70’s influenced psychedelic atmosphere where sort of comic book imagery flirts with real live footage! Our aphrodisiac is nothing but chaos!”

KING SATAN is industrial metal band from Tampere, Finland founded in the end of 2015 by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist KING ALEISTER SATAN. The band serves eccentric and over-the-top style of harsh extreme metal which is heavily infused with different elements all the way from hard rock and death punk to aggrotech and electro-industrial.

The band gained international attention in the underground metal circles with powerful live performances, controversial music videos and genre-bending debut album KING FUCKING SATAN (2017). The band’s outspoken attitude towards occult and spiritual anarchy was served in unique blend of electro-metal which appeared to be not alien to neither satire or philosophical sedition.

With several festival shows and touring in Finland and mainland Europe in 2018 together with series of club shows while supporting or sharing stage with such acts as PAIN, PERTURBATOR, CARPENTER BRUT, HOCICO, TURMION KÄTILÖT and VELVET ACID CHRIST the band promoted their debut album and gained themselves reputation for being distinctive and energetic live band. With full band line-up, babalonian female voice of keyboardist KATHERINE BOSS and powerful demonic vocals of band’s mastermind KING ALEISTER SATAN the band delivers fierce soundscapes full of excessive synths and bass, electro beats, live drums and heavily distorted guitars that can be consumed both in dance floor and in a moshpit, and which most surely bows to nothing and to no one.

KING SATAN’s second full length album titled I WANT YOU TO WORSHIP SATAN (2019) was set to be released in 22nd November 2019 by INVERSE RECORDS and which will be introduced to the world once again by singles with impudent music videos all written and directed by band’s KING ALEISTER SATAN himself.


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