RESURRECT TOMORROW reveal tracklist and cover art

The Dutch metal band Resurrect Tomorrow unveils the tracklist and cover art for their new release The Wolf “The Awesome Deluxe Remastered Edition”.

The new release contains four exclusive live tracks that are recorded at Db’s Utrecht the Netherlands.


Resurrect Tomorrow – The Wolf “The Awesome Deluxe Remastered Edition”

1- At the End
2- Slaver’s Crown
3- Bleed
4- Not Your Fight
5- The Wolf
6- Painted Windows
7- Painted Windows – Live at DB’s
8- Bleed – Live at DB’s
9- Slaver’s Crown – Live at DB’s
10- Insane – Live at DB’s



Resurrect Tomorrow (Utrecht, The Netherlands) is a band that creates music with a high level of intensity that retains a similarly high level of broad listening appeal. Whilst seeming straightforward, many songs contain hidden depths that make repeat listening a worthwhile undertaking.

Sporting a bombastic sound and dramatic lyrics, often retelling tragic tales, Resurrect Tomorrow strikes a confrontational tone where nothing is beyond question. Their latest release, “The Wolf”, features six songs of non-stop riffing with a melodic focus that gets stuck inside the deepest recesses of your brain. Like the protagonist of the title track, The Wolf’s melodies will seek to haunt your dreams forever.

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