ME SACO UN OJO to release SWAMPBEAST / VOID TERROR split mini-album on vinyl


Me Saco Un Ojo Ojo sets November 14th as the international release date for Holocaust of Terrestrial Empires, a special split mini-album between Swampbeast and Void Terror, on 12″ vinyl format.

Originally self-released digitally earlier this spring, Holocaust of Terrestrial Empires comprises 18 minutes of utterly dark & devastating death metal of the highest order. Swampbeast are up first, with two tracks of hammering, cavernous grind that nevertheless possess a frightening sense of clarity. Hailing from Los Angeles and with a demo prior to this recording, this Swampbeast are well on their way to a world-eating sound. Void Terror likewise have a demo prior to this split, and are no less gutted in their approach. Their two tracks here take a more blackened approach, trawling within the gutter and emitting an abyssic atmosphere that suggests more mastery to come from this Kentucky quartet.

Stygian death metal supremacy awaits those who witness Swampbeast and Void Terror‘s Holocaust of Terrestrial Empires! Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Holocaust of Terrestrial Empires
1. Swampbeast – Formless Spawn
2. Swampbeast – Chant Of Bolotnik
3. Void Terror – Multiversal Extract
4. Void Terror – Second Death


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J O 10/13/2019 21:04 at 21:04

Swampbeast slamming LA and whatever comes down the path.


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