ORDO MCM to reissue THEATRE OF TRAGEDY’s classic early works on vinyl

Ordo MCM is proud to announce that it will be doing vinyl editions of Theatre of Tragedy‘s earliest, most classic works, all officially licensed from Massacre Records. Included in this campaign will be the pioneering Norwegian band’s sophomore album, Velvet Darkness They Fear, from ’96, which has been long out of print on vinyl, and 1997’s A Rose for the Dead EP, never before released on vinyl.

Formed in 1993, Theatre of Tragedy began as a septet – unique for a metal band, with a keyboardist and two vocalists. However, it’s what the band did with those two vocalists which changed the landscape of metal forever: Raymond Istvàn Rohonyi’s growling vocals joined with Liv Kristine’s ethereal vocals set forth the pioneering “beauty and the beast” style that flourished into the 2000s.

But back in 1995, Theatre of Tragedy released their self-titled debut album, and while there were precedents in the early gothic doom-death sound – namely, early My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost – with Theatre of Tragedy, the band truly created something special and stirring. Rarely had anything remotely tied to death metal been this emotional and atmospheric; rightly so, it was immediately hailed as a classic.

Thereafter, Theatre of Tragedy continued to develop and solidify this sound. In 1996, Velvet Darkness They Fear was released and yet another classic was born; in fact, many fans hail this as their favorite Theatre of Tragedy record. With 1997’s A Rose for the Dead EP, the band explored remixes, which was unique for the time.

Thereafter, Theatre of Tragedy headed toward a more purely gothic metal sound, but it’s these earliest years which are so special to so many fans still worldwide. And even newer generations are continuing to discover the band’s pioneering early days, so Ordo MCM couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with the band to preserve these glory days on vinyl!

Says founding drummer Hein Frode Hansen, “Theatre of Tragedy is really happy that A Rose for the Dead will finally be released on vinyl for the first time. We have searched our archives and found a rare bonus track exclusive for this release – a demo version of the title track recorded by the band themselves in a youth club back in March 1996. We have also found some rare photos from this time period from our personal collections to be included in the inner sleeve. This will be the ultimate edition of this mini-album! Theatre of Tragedy is really looking forward to the collaboration with Ordo MCM on these vinyl reissues.”

Release date for these Theatre of Tragedy vinyl editions is expected to be during the first quarter of 2020. 


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