Belgian Heavy Sludge/Post-Hardcore Doomsters LETHVM share opening track from upcoming album with “Fatigue”

About two years after the release of their debut full-length record ‘This Fall Shall Cease’ , doom/post-hardcore/sludge mammoths LETHVM unveiled a first audio excerpt from their forthcoming sophomore album with the song “Fatigue” available right now on Bandcamp.

This track will be featured on ‘Acedia‘, planned for a CD, LP, tape & Digital release October 10th through Dunk!recordsDenses Record & I For Us Records.

“Acedia has been composed during a long period. Approximatively just after the release of our first album “This Fall Shall Cease”, we were composing the first riffs of Acedia. It took about a year and a half to write every songs.
Then, we decided to make a selection over all the songs composed to try to make an album as logical, as strong, as meaningful as possible.” (LETHVM)

LETVHM, a Belgian band formed in 2015 evolves in a heavy and torn atmosphere, between devastation and candor. The four members draw their influences in the darkness of life by inserting beauty, rage and melancholy in their melodies.

Lêtum, i, n : Dead, defund, erosion, ruined, destruction

After the release of their first EP “affable érosion” in 2016, the band hits the road across Belgium and France playing alongside bands like Bathshiba, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Swart Crown, Telepathy, Plèvre…

Throughout the same year, the band composes their first album “This Fall Shall Cease” who was recorded in May 2017 by Nicola Lomartire at Noise Factory Studio in Namur.

The Band searches to transcribe the dark atmosphere that sweats during their live performances and adds the musical richness allowed by the studio sessions. The album gets a strong identity, but also tries to throw a new eye on the underground music world.

For fans of AmenRa, Celeste, early-Cult Of Luna, Hexis, Neurosis…

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