Gregorian metal band EPTA ASTERA to release Feste Berg October 31

Gregorian folk metal band EPTA ASTERA releases their album FESTE BURG on Mourning Light Records October 31, 2019. The album combines skillfully-composed and dynamic metal progressions with folk instrumentation and masterfully-layered Gregorian Chant vocals. Based on the historical events on October 31 1517 when the German monk Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of a church in Wittenburg Germany. This event set in motion a violent upheaval that would augur both staggering glories and fatal decadence over the coming centuries. FESTE BURG is more than an expertly-composed album, but also a cultural and historical experience that must be experienced in its full glory. 

FESTE BURG will be released worldwide on the 502nd anniversary of this event on Mourning Light Records in both digital and physical formats. Pre-orders for the album are now available. 

Pre-orders are now available for the album on Bandcamp here:


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