HEMBREE & THE SATAN SISTERS stream new album F.Y.F via Ghost Cult Magazine

Atlanta punk rock outlaws HEMBREE & THE SATAN SISTERS are now streaming their new album F.Y.F. over at Ghost Cult Magazine. The album is set to be released tomorrow via Rusty Knuckles Music.

Listen to the album in full here: http://ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-single-stream-hembree-the-satan-sisters/ 

Hembree & the Satan Sisters began as the brainchild of Zachery M. Hembree in December of 2017.  Hembree was the vocalist and a founding member of Nuclear Blast recording artist TORO; however, he sought a project that was more punk rock, violent, and unrepentant, yet catchy in its delivery.

Shortly thereafter, Hembree wrote an album’s worth of material and recruited Georgia punk rock veterans Ash Mitilades (ex-Guff), Charley Ferlito (ex-Guff and Burns Like Fire), and Parker Bradshaw (Burns Like Fire). 

Together the band, now called Hembree & the Satan Sisters, entered Full Moon Studio in July 2018 and tracked their entire record in just under two days. The band then hired longtime friend of Hembree’s, the Grammy Award-winning producer Warren Riker (Down, Crowbar, Cathedral, etc.), to mix it.   Later that year, the band signed with Rusty Knuckles Music Label (ANTiSEEN, Buzzoven, Hellbound Glory, etc.) and began to plan their release.

In the meantime, Hembree & the Satan Sisters’ live show became their reputation. Within the year and a half since the band began, they have yielded a strong cult-like following in the Atlanta area. Many fans are so dedicated that they have Hembree & the Satan Sisters logos and song titles tattooed on them. Their shows are intense and sometimes violent in nature, with barely any separation from Hembree himself and the audience. The vibe in the air is intense to say the least, and it always feels like there is an element of danger.

Hembree & the Satan Sisters have shared the stage with Murder Junkies, Doyle, Cancerslug, the Jasons, Die 985, DDC, Casket Creatures , Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, and Haunt.  They look forward to playing Slaughter Que on Sept 21st at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA, a massive festival that features legendary bands such as Exodus, Kataklysm, Exhorder, Krisiun, and many more.  They will celebrate the release of F.Y.F. on October 5th at the Caledonia Lounge in Athens, GA with the Casket Creatures, Donkey Punch, Taped Fist, and Die 985.

To quote Hembree, “Love us or hate us, if you show up to one of our shows, you will never forget it, I fuckin’ assure you of that.”

Check out the video for “Who’s Laughin’ Now” (featuring Jeff Clayton of ANTiSEEN) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpsjVGHzu_U

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