SERPENS LUMINIS set release date for GOATHORNED debut album

Goathorned Productions announces November 15th as the international release date for Serpens Luminis‘ striking debut album, Bright Euphoria.

True to their roots plunged into occultism and mysticism, faithful to their need to explore the profound depths of the human inner-self, the entity called Serpens Luminis appears at dawn of the year 2015. After several months of introspection, the first emanation took place in 2017 through the title Usque Ad Sideras et Usque Ad Inferos, being a split CD with fellow Swiss hordes Nansis and Haruspex. Now, in 2019, a new offering emerges from the mist: Bright Euphoria.

Serpens Luminis is a meditation whose purpose is to move towards an enlightened understanding regarding the ways to channel the Black Flame and let it run with the ecstatic fury of the Kundalini rising to Sahasrāra – a spiritual and obsessive quest in order to be finally able to bear the solemn and powerful devotion dedicated to the glorification of Daath; a reverence towards the 11-headed Dragon, the silhouette with 32 pairs of wings and innumerable eyes. Or, put more concretely, rich ‘n’ robust black metal imbued with both muscle and atmosphere, spectral shapes guided by an iron fist: orthodox, spiritual, but utterly unbound. Dynamic vibration, ceremonial in every aspect but never overly labored: Bright Euphoria is an infinitely illuminating 28 minutes of mastery, that Black Flame indeed burning brightly across the mini-album’s three component tracks.

A few live rituals are led in order to bring an aural and carnal painting of a primordial link, a numinous bridge between the spiritual chaos of Masak Mavdil and the luminous arabesques of the 288 divine sparks melted with blasphemous fragments of the sephirot vessels. Be ready to endure Thy light who will initiate to quiver and whirl around the primordial vibrations of Ain Soph: a kind of tombstone for our carnal shape, a tombstone which begins to radiate with an unearthly glare. An odd glow, growing brighter at each pulse…

Verily, behold Serpens Luminis‘ Bright Euphoria and submit to its life-giving/ending glow.

First track premiere to be revealed shortly. In the meantime, see & hear a live version of “Bright Euphoria” HERE. Cover artwork, courtesy of Business For Satan, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Serpens Luminis’ Bright Euphoria
1. The Dawn Fragrances [9:03]
2. Bright Euphoria [6:41]
3. A Wreathed Skull [11:25]


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