Sweden’s HELGA embraces darkness on devastating new EP ‘The Autumn Lament’

Hailing from the dark forests of Dalarna, Sweden, HELGA re-emerges from the wilderness to release her intense second EP ‘The Autumn Lament’ on September 20th.

Writing from the solitary confines of her cabin with just a guitar for company has given HELGA’s songwriting a unique sense of introspection. Employing an eclectic blend of pop, metal, post-rock, goth, folk and classical influences to devastating effect, Helga tells us that the new songs are:

“a musical translation of my inner and physical world. I personally love reverb-drenched music and sounds, drawing inspiration from my dream world, the misty forests, and Swedish folk music.”

In a time when the environment is ever more under threat, it’s only natural that meditation upon the state of the world, while full of beauty, is tinged with darkness and melancholy.

Opening with the previously released pop-goth destroyer ‘Mörker‘ we are immediately transported into a sinister and engaging landscape. Tribal drums, throat singing ala The Hu and ominous strings soon give way to churning bass and razor edged metal breakdowns, with HELGA’s haunting vocal remaining a solitary guide through the dark. 

Elsewhere across the 5 tracks on ‘The Autumn Lament’ we find Kate Bush meets Opeth influenced tracks like ‘Into The Light‘ and ‘Worlds Apart‘. 

Proving that despite proudly emerging  from black metal roots, HELGA is willing to embrace modern pop and folk elements. Distinctly melodic without giving up it’s unsettling character, it makes for an eclectic, unique blend, and cements Helga’s status as one to watch on the dark pop / nu-goth scene.

The Autumn Lament’ is out September 20th 2019 via Icons Creating Evil Art

Press Photos (Ashley Joncas) can be found here


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